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Sorry No Picture Posted Location: Texas

Name: Angelica Age: 25

Height: 5'1" Weight: 220lbs

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Marital Status: Single Preference: Men Mexican, Black

Religion: Christanity Education: HS some College

Nationality: Hispanic Race: Mexican

Occupation: Nursing - CNA Children: 0

Home Town: Clifton, Tx Relocate: Depends

Release Date: N/A Smoke: No



Angelica Nieto



I am very down to earth, Honest, and Fun. I love to laugh and love to be around people who love to have fun. I love just hanging out with friends and family. Having BBQs playing games. I like all kinds of music, rap, R & B, mexican, country, a little rock. My plans for the future will be finishing college. I wanna be either a social worker, or Hair Stylist. I also wanna work with kids in TYC. I love a man who is a hard worker, honest, somebody who is laid back, like to have fun. I like people who use to be in the game but no longer are. Somebody who has given their life to the Lord. Somebody who likes to play sports, a family person.


Angelica Nieto #1639223

Hobby Unit

742 FM 712

MARLIN, TX. 76661



Sorry No Picture Posted Location: Texas

Name: Barbara Age: 49

Height: 5'5 1/2" Weight: 170lbs

Hair: Salt & Pepper Eyes: Hazel

Marital Status: Divorce/Single Preference: None

Religion: Christain Education: College

Nationality: American Race: Caucasian

Occupation: Social Worker Children: 2

Home Town: Fort Worth, Tx Relocate: Yes

Release Date: 12-22-2025 Smoke: No


Want Friendship / Companionship



I am seeking friends companionship, maybe someone special along the way. I am interested in God, family, music, movies, creative writing, reading, baking, crafts, camping - LIFE. I enjoy little things like sand castles, flying kites, wild flowers, playing in the rain, cookie cutters, and holding hands. I believe in the art of communication, being honest, and having a good sense of humor. I am interested in getting to know people from all walks of life. Life is full of unexpected events that we never thought would happen to us. I hope my time does not keep you from writing. You can always expect a letter in return when you write me.


Barbara Ann Bawarsky #1628543

Hobby Unit 3-H220B


742 FM 712

MARLIN, TX. 76661-4685


Sorry No Picture Posted Location: Texas

Name: Barbara Age: 46

Height: 5'2" Weight: 210lbs

Hair: Black/some gray Eyes: Dark Brown

Marital Status: Single Preference: Cristian Men, any race

Religion: Catholic Education: GED & Auto repair

Nationality: Hisp. Race: Hisp.

Occupation: Paint Shop Children: 4

Home Town: Kingsville Tx Relocate: Yes

Release Date: 5-2018 Smoke: No



Let's Be Friends



My name is Barbara, I'm 46. I'm looking for someone who is fun who enjoys the outside. Going to Parks, spending time with family. Someone who can just be themselfs. I like working on cars & motors. I'm easy going I like movies, long walks & talking. I'm a mother of 4, all grown & married. I want some one who loves the Lord as well.


Barbara P Reyes #866085

Hobby Unit

742 FM 712

MARLIN, TX. 76661




Sorry No Picture Yet Location: Texas


Name: Sherry Age: 36


Height: 5' Weight: 128lbs


Hair: Mousy Brown Eyes: Hazel


Marital Status: Divorced Preference: Bi - Any Race


Religion: Messianic Education: Asoc Graphics


Nationality: American Race: White


Occupation: Graphic Design Children: 3


Home Town: Crawfordsville CaRelocate: Yes


Release Date: Review 2012 Smoke: No


'Lil Artiste'


Seeking men or women who would like to get aquainted as a friend, companion or more if it developes. I am seeking friends as well as a special someone to build a future with. I am quiet, gentle, caring, fun, energetic, eclectic. People inspire me. I am an Artist and have a passion for art. I wish to find someone who inspires me, and that I can share my passions with. Other artists are always welcome, as I embrace and appreciate all forms of art. I am open, honest, non-judgemental, love variety and versititity. I would like to meet people within a 10 year range, older or younger than myself. I well be starting a new life upon release and look forward to new experiences, finding love and romance and new friends. Hope to meet you soon!







742 FM 712


MARLIN, TX. 76661





Sorry No Picture Yet Location: Texas


Name: Rita Age: 49


Height: 5'5" Weight: 180


Hair: Black Eyes: Brown


Marital Status: Never Married Preference: Male Black


Religion: Baptist Education: High School


Nationality: American Black Race: Black


Occupation: Cook Children: 1


Home Town: Edna, Tx Relocate: Yes


Release Date: Review 3-14-13 Smoke: No


A country girl


Looking For A Friendly Friendship


My hobbies are fishing, camping, and dancing. I have a sence of humor. I'm a caring Respectful Person and I enjoy people.


I am interested in a older person, in their 50's - up, that is honest and want a long friendly relationship.






742 FM 712


MARLIN, TX. 76661




Sorry No Picture Yet Location: TEXAS


Name: Kelly Age: 47


Height: 5"2" Weight: 134


Hair: Strawberry Blon Eyes: Hazel


Marital Status: Divorced Preference: None


Religion: None Education: 64 Hours Coll


Nationality: Scottish Race: Caucasian


Occupation: Digial Tech Children: 3


Home Town: Ft. Worth Tx Relocate: Yes


Release Date: Unknown Smoke: No


Inmate Hobby Prison


I am an aggressively submissive female with varied taste in people, places and things. I have been a stay at home mom, and working mom. I have volunteered in many community group and family activities. I enjoy most all types of music but my favorite is country. I have been privileged to travel and enjoy the wonders and sights of the USA. I am currently assigned to the Print Shop on location. I can be emailed but have no outgoing email access. Contact me for my email access.




742 FM 712 #GT103


MARLIN, TX. 76661




Sorry No Picture Posted Location: Texas


Name: Michelle Age: 40


Height: 5'4" Weight: 135


Hair: Aurban Eyes: Green


Marital Status: Single Preference: White


Religion: Christian Education: No Reply


Nationality: No Reply Race: White


Occupation: Hairstylist Children: 3


Home Town: Amarillo Relocate: No


Release Date: 7 - 2012 Smoke: No


Looking For A Real Lady

That's Me


I'm Sweet yet Sexy, Sassy but Classy. I love Simple Things like Sunsets, Laughter, Animals, Music Concerts. I like Black Roses, Mikey Mouse, and Other things most people would Toss aside. I like to fix things up and Resell them. I'm a painter, a picture taker, :) , a Reader, and A Christian. I have a passion for Bikes, and the men who Ride them. I've been Riding Since I was 11. I love the sound and the freedom They Bring. The roar of the fierce power between my legs is a feeling like no other! I prefer my men to be 35-60, 5'10" - 6'3", must have a sence of humor, a great smile, a Career, and likes to keep himself in Shape, because I pride myself on my Exercise Program, My Career and My Sence of Humor. I'd like to mirror that. Let me hear from you.


Michelle Weaver #1577837


742 FM 712


MARLIN, TX. 76661




Sorry No Picture Posted Location: Texas


Name: Nancy/Michelle Age: 42


Height: 5'8" Weight: 145 lbs


Hair: Brown/Long Eyes: Brown


Marital Status: Single Preference: Any


Religion: N/A Education: GED


Nationality: American Race: White


Occupation: Customer Serv Children: 2 / Grown


Home Town: Ft. Worth Relocate: Yes


Release Date: 2-2-2013 Smoke: No




Hello, my name is Michelle. I am a SWF Looking for a SWM, Close to my age to help pass the time, to be friends. I like Tattoos, Harleys, Camping, Fishing, Cooking, and I am a Serious Nascar Fan. I like Dominate Men. Someone with similar interest. I have pictures on my space. Contact me for my web URL and site name.


Nancy "Michelle" Jones #1628739


Hobby Unit


742 FM 712


MARLIN, TX. 76661




Sorry No Picture Posted Location: Texas


Name: Thirza Age: 31


Height: 5'6 1/2" Weight: 180 lbs


Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue


Marital Status: Engaged Preference: White


Religion: No Reply Education: GED


Nationality: Native American Race: White


Occupation: No Reply Children: None


Home Town: Gun Barrel City Relocate: No Reply


Release Date: 2021 Smoke: No




I enjoy reading books in my free time. I am looking for someone nice to write. I am both a Goth and down home type person. My music preference is Rock. I hope I will make parole intead of doing all of my time, because I am ready to start my life over. Doing time isn't hard, being away from family and friends makes it hard. If you want someone who lives to write, I'm your person.


Thirza Roxann Aishman #1505950


Hobby Unit


742 FM 712


MARLIN, TX. 76661



Sorry No Picture Posted            Location:    Texas    

Name:        Kandice        Age:        29   

Height:        5'5"                 Weight:        156lbs

Hair:        Brown            Eyes:        Brown    

Marital Status:    Single            Preference:    Men Blk/Wht    

Religion:    Christian        Education:    GED    

Nationality:    American Black    Race:        N/A    

Occupation:    Fortlift Driver        Children:    2    

Home Town:    Amarillo/Brn Chicago    Relocate:    Depends    

Release Date:    Not List        Smoke:        No

Kandice Mitchell

I am a Outspoken, yet Respectful, not to mention Sexy Female!  I'm smart, I know how to get and keep who & what I want!  I'm looking forward to meeting a Respectful Guy with good conversation!  Someone who's real, down to earth and That's able to relate to my situation (Being incarcerated).  I'm on my Grown-Woman, looking to find a Grown-Man !!!  Write me and we'll go from there.....  One Letter-at-a-time!!  I'm waiting!!

Kandice Mitchell  #1471091

Hobby Unit

742 FM 712

MARLIN, TX.   76661


Sorry No Picture Posted            Location:        Texas

Name:        Estrella        Age:            39

Height:        5'2"               Weight:        160 lbs

Hair:            Dark Brown        Eyes:            Brown

Marital Status:    Single            Preference:        Males

Religion:        Catholic        Education:        HS Diploma

Nationality:        Mexican/Amer    Race:            Hispanic/Latin

Occupation:        Still Looking    Children:        5-3 boys 2 girls

Home Town:    San Marcos,TX    Relocate:        Maybe

Release Date:    7 - 14 - 2018    Smoke:        Yes


Hello :)  First off, my name is Estrella, but my english name is "Starr"  -  I'm looking for someone to write to who enjoys writing and reading letters, who wouldn't mind having fun on Paper.  I like all types of guys around the ages of 30-45 yrs old.  I love guys who like to be Spontaneous and do things I like to do.  I Love playing pool, - going out, hanging out, having fun - I love a beautiful smile and sense of humor.  I also love tattoos :)  I have lots of them - all colorful :)  I like to look and smell good at all times.  I Love sports too.  Football - Basketball and Nascar.  I'm hoping to find some special - lucky guy to spend time with while I'm here and see what happens when I get out.  Hope to hear from Someone Soon.

Estrella Solis  #1562258

Lone Murray

1916 N. Hwy 36 Bypass

Gatesville, Tx.   76596



Sorry No Picture Posted            Location:        Texas

Name:        Tina            Age:            33

Height:        5'5"               Weight:        158 lbs

Hair:            Brown        Eyes:            Brown

Marital Status:    Single        Preference:        Bi - Sexual

Religion:        Baptist        Education:        Degree

Nationality:        White            Race:            White

Occupation:        Bartender        Children:        2

Home Town:    Livingston        Relocate:        Yes

Release Date:    N/A            Smoke:        No

City Girl With Country Heart Seeks

Lover Of Horses To Match Her Own...

I'm a dancer.  I feel I have the greatest freedom to express myself when I am dancing.  I like country music, but I can dance to anything. I love the lake, water sking, jet skies and the great outdoors.  I love anything outside, or on the water.  I love to laugh, tell jokes, and just have a good time.  I'm always smiling and enjoying life to the fullest.  Although my heart is horses, I have trained horses all my life and there is no power greater than taming the beast into a friend.  There's no greater feeling of freedom than when I'm ridding my horse.  I am a open minded woman, I take everyone as is and hope they accept me with the same manor.  I seek a partner with a good sence of humor, a nice smile and a positive outlook on life, almost 35-60 years old.  I have goals of a brighter tomorrow, hope to share them with you.  I'll e waiting to here from you.....

Tina Martin  #1648126

742 F.M. 712

Marlin, Tx.   76661



Sorry No Picture Posted            Location:        Texas

Name:        Aletha        Age:            46

Height:        5'2"               Weight:        180 lbs

Hair:            Black            Eyes:            Black

Marital Status:    Single            Preference:        Men

Religion:        Christain        Education:        High School

Nationality:        American Blk    Race:            Black

Occupation:        N/A            Children:        1

Home Town:    Arkansas        Relocate:        Yes

Release Date:    3 - 10 - 2012    Smoke:        No

Sexy Yellow Bunny

Hello!  How are you?  Fine I hope.  My name is Aletha, I'm 5'2" tall and weigh about 178 lbs.  I'm a very beautiful lady with a very pretty smile.  I'm looking for someone I can meet to fulfill this heart of mine.  I will soon be getting ready to go home.  I am from Arkansas, has one son, who is 26 years old.  I'm a very sincere and honest person.  Do expect the same in return.  My Birthday January 2 1965.  Age don't matter, nor looks or color, cause God made us all.  Hope to here from you soon.  I love to cook, and fish.


Aletha Broughton  #625918

L Murry

1916 N. Hwy 36 By Pass

Gatesville, Tx.   76596



Posted With Picture                                                            Location: Texas    

Name: Laquita                                                                  Age: 44   

Height: 5'2 1/2"                                                                  Weight: 136 lbs

Hair: Sandy Blonde                                                           Eyes: Blue   

Marital Status: Divorced                                                    Preference: Men / Any                   

Religion: Non-Denom                                                      Education: AA Business           

Nationality: American                                                       Race: Caucasion

Occupation: Waitress                                                      Children: 3

Home Town: Dallas, Tx                                                   Relocate: Yes

Release Date: 3-21-13                                                    Smoke: No


Loving, Beautiful Female Looking

For True Love



Sexy fun loving female looking for Love Romance and a long term relationship, leading to the possibility of marriage. I enjoy dancing aerobics, and art. I also enjoy spending special time with the ones I love. I would like to meet someone who is honest, sincere and looking for his special someone. I'm seeking to build a wonderful solid life and want to share that with someone. Even if your only looking for a great friendship and/or Pen-Pal then I would love to have a new friend. I love to write and enlighten my mind with intelligent conversation. I can, and will be a trustworthy friend, devoted wife and a faithful attentive lover. I'm patiently waiting to hear from you so drop me a letter in the mailbox and lets find out where our Journey will take us.




1916 N HWY 36 BYPASS




Laquita G jpg.JPG
Laquita G jpg.JPG?1342076994627